Leave your glasses in the drawer

Lens surgery is an ideal opportunity to get rid of glasses for those who cannot have laser surgery due to contraindications. In most cases, we do lens surgeries for people over 40 years of age and those with serious refractive disorders (more than -8 or +2D).

Operation method

During the surgery, the content of the lens of the eye is removed but the surrounding lens capsule is retained. A suitable new artificial lens made from a special non-aging plastic is placed into the capsule bag. Artificial lenses can be either monofocal or multifocal.

Multifocal lenses

After the surgery, a multifocal lens allows you to see both far and near without glasses. Our clinic uses ReSTOR and FineVision multifocal artificial lenses, which our doctors believe are the best that are currently being manufactured. If you wish to completely get rid of glasses after surgery, multifocal artificial lenses must be inserted during surgery.

Monofocal lenses

After placing the monofocal artificial lens, the eye usually loses the ability to accommodate (adapt to viewing variously spaced objects accurately) since the artificial lens does not change its shape. Thus, the patient will need glasses for seeing far or near, depending on which monofocal lenses are inserted during surgery.

Life-changing decision

Lens surgery is one way to get rid of glasses in older age and it is gaining in popularity around the world. Eye treatment procedures form one of the most modern and rapidly developing fields, where new and better-quality artificial lenses are coming onto the market every year and the installation technology is developing rapidly. In Silmalaser, lens surgeries are carried out by highly respected eye surgeons Dr. Viikna and Dr. Tenusar.  They conduct preliminary tests in order to be sure of the suitability of patients for surgery.