The most convenient and fastest way to perform eye health tests

What is Spectralis?

At Silmalaser’s Kawe office it is possible to conveniently and quickly carry out a thorough eye test with a brand new diagnostic device called Spectralis. With this device, the presence of various eye diseases is checked and you can make sure that your eyes are in a healthy state. The confocal laser, which is based on new technology, scans the anterior and posterior parts of the eyes, based on which specialists can detect any changes in the early stages.

Who is the test for?

Spectralis tests can be done to all adults – those who are healthy as well as patients with diseases. The test is excellent for fulfilling the occupational health requirements related to eyes because all the necessary procedures are included in the test and the patient does not have to visit several ophthalmologists. If you have any doubts about whether the test is right for you, be sure to contact Silmalaser reception at the Kawe office, phone 675 0017.

Why check your eyes?

The sooner any possible signs of eye disease are detected, the easier the treatment usually is. The test also reassures those who generally do not have problems with their eyes but are in constant contact with work that damages the eyes (e.g. constant computer use). Good eyesight is not a 100% guarantee of eye health!

Prevention is cheaper

The cost with an ophthalmologist’s consultation is 250 euros. You can register for the test via the booking system on our website. It is carried out in our Kawe office at Pärnu mnt 15, Tallinn. The test is not eligible for Estonian Health Insurance Fund concessions.

Procedures of the Spectralis test

OCT – retinal diagnostics
HRT – optic nerve tomography
GDX – diagnostics of the optic nerve layers
Pentacam – diagnostics of the anterior part of the eye
Visante – diagnostics of the cross-section of the cornea and the anterior chamber
Fundus imaging – complete diagnostics of the fundus
OCT-angiography – diagnostics of the fundus vasculature

A unique device in ophthalmology

Spectralis was constructed by one of the most famous eye-diagnostic technology manufacturers: Heidelberg Engineering. This German company specialises in developing high-tech solutions that allow for the early detection of eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.