Occupational health is a growing area of importance in companies, where employees spend a large amount of their working time at a computer. The law provides that employees who spend more than half of their working time at a computer must be guaranteed an eye examination at least once every three years (or more frequently at the request of the employee). More and more employers care about their employees’ eyes and have made eye examinations an annual thing.

Silmalaser is a long-term partner to several companies whose employees regularly visit us for eye examinations. Such examinations for companies can be carried out by both optometrists and ophthalmologists, who, if necessary, will issue new glasses prescriptions and certificates for the employer regarding changes in vision. If problems arise, the patient is immediately directed to a qualified professional in that field.

Occupational health eye examinations are carried out at Pärnu mnt 15. If interested, contact us via e-mail (info@silmalaser.ee) and we will find a solution for eye examinations for your company’s employees.