Hailstone is painless, non-inflammatory node on the upper or lower eyelid that is caused by the obstruction of the sebaceous glands (Meibom glands) inside the eyelids. Hailstone occurs usually after recurrent inflammations of the rim of the eyelid called sty (hordeolum). On rare occasions hailstone can become so large that it exerts pressure on the ocular bulb and impair vision.


In most of the cases hailstone disappears spontaneously after a few months. Larger hailstones are removed surgically (contents with the capsule are removed under local anaesthesia). Quite frequently hailstone tends to recur. It is not possible to prevent the occurrence of hailstone.

In Silmalaser eye clinic hailstones are removed by surgeons Dr. Inger Viikna and Dr. Marika Tenusar