Contact lenses – Do not use contact lenses for one week before surgery.

Cosmetics – Cosmetics or perfumes must not be used on the day
of the surgery. It is not recommended to use cosmetics around the eyes for one week after surgery. Artificial eyelashes must be removed at least one week before surgery and can be reinstalled one month after surgery.

Clothing – Please wear comfortable clothing with long sleeves and do not wear clothing with a high collar that needs to be put on over the head when coming to the operation.

Medications – Continue to use your everyday medications according to the usual regimen on the day of surgery. On the day of operation, the surgeon issues a digital prescription for anti-inflammatory eye drops that you should start to use from the first post-operative day.

Arrival – Please come to the clinic 15 minutes before the time of surgery. It will take approximately three to four hours on the day of surgery in the clinic.

What should you bring along? – If possible, sunglasses to protect the eyes against dust and other particles and bright light. Quality sunglasses can be also bought in our clinic, if required.

Leaving – You must not drive a car on the same day after surgery. If possible, you should ask someone to pick you up or go home by taxi.

Follow-ups – Two post-operative follow-ups are free of charge for the patient. Mandatory follow-ups take place:

  • during the first post-operative week in agreement with the surgeon; and

  • one month after surgery as an optometrist appointment if the doctor has not said otherwise.