Contact lenses: it is not permitted to wear contact lenses for 2 weeks before the surgery to avoid any damages to the cornea.

Make-up: it is not permitted to wear make-up or perfume on the day of the surgery.

Clothing: sporty and comfortable, avoid wearing turtle-necks, which are pulled over the head.

Medication: make sure you have Systane artificial tears at home for the day of the surgery. The tears are available in pharmacies and can be purchased without prescription.

On the day of the surgery, the doctor prescribes you antibiotic eye drops, which must be used from the first postoperative day after the surgery.

Arrival: the patient must arrive for surgery 15 minutes before the agreed time. The duration for the whole procedure for the patient is 2 hours.

Bring along:

  1. The signed contract for the provision of the health service.
  2. The anamnesis filled out at home.
  3. If you live outside Tallinn, bring artificial tears along as well.
  4. Sunglasses

Leaving the clinic after surgery: it is not allowed to drive a car or use public transport. You should ask someone to come and pick you up or call a taxi, if possible.

The first three compulsory eye exams after the surgery are free of charge for the patient. The first exam is performed one hour ofter the surgery. The second on the first day after the surgery and the third after 1 month.